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The Nair Service Society, a synonym for selfless service and social commitment was founded by the late Sri.Mannathu Padmanabhan on 31 - 10 - 1914. It came into being at a crucial stage in the history of the Nair community which was facing a crisis brought about by disunity and blind adherence to outmoded customs, beliefs and practices. They had a glorious past .but ignorance, accumulated over centuries, reinforced by inadequate education, proved disastrous for the community. Their predilection for celebrations and penchant for ceremonial occasions fuelled by a strong affinity towards profligacy and extravaganza, contributed to their decline and downfall. Gradual loss of land holdings, underemployment and unemployment due to lack of modern education completed the process of disintegration.

NSS Karayogam, Lokamalleswaram North Reg. No: 3459,
Register on 02 – 09 - 1977
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Mr. k.manoj kumar
mr. m.vennugopal